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Winterizing Your Lake Martin Home

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In December, we’ll welcome the first day of winter. While we feel like fall just happened, winter is almost here, so it’s time to plan accordingly. Ensuring your home is winterized is an important part of homeownership whether you’re a full-time Lake Martin resident or simply a vacation home owner. This winter remember to protect your home from cold weather, ice, and even snow with our helpful tips:

Check windows and doors.

If you’re a full time Lake Martin resident this winter, repeat after us: keep the cold out and the heat in! Check your windows and doors to ensure seals and gaskets do not need to be replaced. After all, without a tight seal, you’re likely to have cold air creep in. If you do find that you need to repair any seals, choose a warmer, sunny day to complete your caulk repairs. In the case of a particularly drafty room or door, consider adding draft guards to keep cold air at bay.

Change your filters and flip your fans.

Changing your heater’s filters will not only help airflow, but it will help your air quality as well. Experts recommend changing your filters monthly and setting a calendar appointment to do so. If that’s too much of a hassle, consider switching to a permanent filter which will reduce wasted materials and wasted time. Another pro tip? Flip your fans to a clockwise circulation. This will push heat towards the floor below rather than away from it.

Consider a smart thermostat.

There’s no question that heating your home especially on our coldest Lake Martin days can be pricey. Instead of constantly battling the thermostat, turning it up and down according to your body temperature, consider the menial investment for a smart thermostat. These programmable thermostats learn your habits and selections. They can even sense when you leave your home for a period of time and will automatically turn down. Imagine the cost savings! Another benefit of smart thermostat is especially pertinent to our condo owners: the ability to change your thermostat from your phone. Remember to check your thermostats and leave them above freezing when not using your condo to avoid a freezing (and potentially bursting) sprinkler system.

Examine exterior water sources.

Start this task by looking at your exterior hoses and exposed pipes. Drain any excess water from hoses to eliminate possible freezing and consider moving them indoors for the season. Check to make sure you don’t see water pooling near your air conditioner as well. Turn off exterior spigots for the winter, and don’t forget to check your irrigation systems. These need to be drained and winterized, too. Forgetting to do so can lead to motor damage.

Insulate your pipes.

Once you’ve examined exterior pipes and water sources, it’s time to protect them from freezing and causing a huge (expensive) mess. Clean the pipes and insulate them with foam or tubular pipe insulation. If you’re planning to be out of town, slow drip your faucets to maintain water flow and prevent freezing. Not only will insulating pipes protect you from a potential disaster, but it will also help keep water warmer longer which cuts back on costs.

Protect your boat.

Don’t forget to protect your boat and other lake equipment from winter elements as well. Learn how to prepare your boat for the winter ahead, so it’s ready to go for spring! Many of our local marinas offer the service, and some even come to you to complete the winterization on site. The Ridge, Harbor Pointe and Blue Creek are just a few that are happy to schedule winterization.

As always, let us know if you have any questions that we can help you with. Your Lake Martin realty team is always willing and able to help!


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