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Why Hiring a Realtor Might Make a Huge Difference for your Bottom Line

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Why Hiring a Realtor Might Make a Huge Difference for your Bottom Line

We know at first glance you might think this post is simply a business tactic, but trust us: it’s not! Selling your Lake Martin home is a big deal, and hiring a realtor might make a huge difference for you in many ways. First, nearly 90% of today’s sellers are using an agent. Do you want to be among the mere 10% not enjoying all of the realtor perks? Your answer should be a resounding “no.” Before you dismiss our headline as a marketing ploy, hear us out. There are tons of reasons why hiring a Lake Martin realtor can benefit you as a seller, and today, we’re sharing our secrets with you!

A realtor provides knowledge.

First and foremost, it’s important to have someone working for and with you who is knowledgeable about Lake Martin. Having someone who knows (and has experienced the lake lifestyle) can help you find a seller who is specifically looking for a particular area, a specific home style, or certain lake amenities. Further, hiring an experienced realtor with vast lake knowledge can help you know the right property valuation. Which brings us to our next realtor benefit.

A realtor has access to (and more importantly understands) market data.

As you embark on listing your home, it’s important to know what your home is worth based on current market data. While selling your home yourself and subsequently avoiding a 6% realtor fee might sound appealing, that 6% could actually mean more money in your pocket. How so? Let us explain. You might think your home is worth a certain price, however in reality, your home might be worth even more. That excess amount could have covered the slight realtor expense as well as earned you a higher bottom line. Another reason market data is important? Avoiding overpricing and therefore having your home spend too many days on the market. Unfortunately, this often sends the message there are things wrong with the condition of your home.

A realtor can handle all of your marketing needs.

It goes without saying that in today’s visually-driven society networking and marketing are crucial to selling. Think about it like this: a “For Sale by Owner” sign is only going to attract so many buyers, and quite possibly only the ones who happen to drive by and notice your sign. Additionally, these signs discourage agents who have buyers they are working with from going through the effort of showing a FSBO home. Today’s real estate agents understand the value of marketing materials. Lake Martin Team, for example, has great reach on social media, partners with local drone companies for breathtaking aerial footage, and even hosts selling events. With a realtor’s network, your market for potential buyers grows exponentially.

If you’re considering listing your home, don’t hesitate to invest in a great local realtor. While we certainly hope you select the Lake Martin Team, you can’t go wrong with any area agent. Contact us for more information today!


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