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Where to Buy on Lake Martin According to Top Lake Martin Realtor, Rhonda Jaye

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Location, location location has been, for years, the top reason someone buys a property, especially on the lake. My clients always ask me, “Where is the best place to buy on Lake Martin?” And my response is the simple, and the same every time they ask, “There is not a bad location on Lake Martin.”

However, as you start to narrow down your decision, there are some things to consider. It all starts with your lifestyle and what type of things you enjoy. Is fishing important to you? Is dock access on your must-list? Do you want to be in a quiet cove or in a busy pass?

Another key part of the decision is the amount of money you are looking to invest, and the finished product you ultimately want to have. Some people buy because they are retiring and want to sell everything to buy a large, full time home. Others may just be looking for a second vacation home: a place to sneak off to in the summers, for holidays, and during long weekends. We also often see a lot of investors on Lake Martin buying vacation homes that they can rent out and make money while their family enjoys all the property has to offer.

We also encourage our future homeowners to consider a lake location based on their permanent home location. Most of the time people from neighboring Georgia or Auburn areas want to be on the southeastern side of the lake because it is their first stop coming into the Lake Martin area. Likewise, people from Birmingham tend to settle on the northwest side of Lake Martin. New residents from Montgomery buy a little more towards the south side of the lake. The prime location for you, might not be the prime location for someone else which is part of what makes our lake so unique: there’s truly a spot for everyone.

Finally, different areas have different products and amenities to offer its residents. Some areas or neighborhoods have covenants, restrictions and a homeowners association while others do not. Some of the areas and towns offer restaurants, marinas, landmarks, parks, and hiking trails. Other areas are more rural and secluded. Consider the type of lifestyle you’re looking for, as well as what you want to have accessible.

Another option to consider? Building your perfect lake home in your perfect location. We sell Russell Lands lots, so if that’s the route you want to go, contact us for more information. Once you narrow down your main location, then you will want to focus on whether you enjoy sunrises or sunsets, big views or smaller ones, open water or quiet coves, and deep water (like hyper length for APC) or shallow beaches. My ultimate advice is this: before making a decision, know all your options. Once you know your options, it’s impossible to go wrong!

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