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The Best Places to Catch a Lake Martin Sunset

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When we think of summer, we always think of beautiful Lake Martin sunsets. The two go hand in hand. There isn’t anything like being out on the lake as the sky shifts from hues of blue to saturated pinks and purples. It’s a peaceful, serene experience that reminds us why we live where we do, and why we love it so much. If you’re a dusk lover like us and are looking to catch a gorgeous summer Lake Martin sunset, you’re in luck. We’re dishing our favorite sunset spots along with a few other tips for making your sunset viewing the best it can be.

What makes a Lake Martin sunset so beautiful?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details about sunset views, we thought we’d explain a little about why Lake Martin sunsets are so spectacular. For starters, our sunsets are incredibly colorful. The sun’s rays burst through the sky, and colors bounce throughout the clouds. The horizon mimics a watercolor painting. They’re simply stunning.  

Where is the best place to see a Lake Martin sunset?

We’d be lying if we said there was a bad place to see a Lake Martin sunset because the reality is there’s not. But if you’re looking for recommendations, we’re here to help. We recommend heading to any spot that faces west. Our friends, neighbors, and clients like pulling their boats into Blue Creek Bay and Harbor Pointe Marina. Blue Creek Bay is located on the southeast side of Lake Martin with convenient access from Alexander City and Dadeville. Kowaliga Bay is another popular place to take your boat for sunsets. As the largest part of open, big water on the lake, Kowaliga Bay provides an open setting for sunset views. Lake Martin residents with a west facing dock can watch from their own waterfronts while others enjoy chasing the sunset in their boats. The bottom line is this: west is best!

Where can you grab snacks and meals to-go for sunset watching?

There are so many fantastic restaurants in our area that make a sunset picnic a breeze. We love the selection at Catherine’s Market at Russell Crossroads. You can pick up cheese, crackers, and wine for a romantic evening or choose one of Catherine’s items from their cafe menu. We also recommend local dives like Coppers Grill, Niffers, Oskars, Judy’s, and Chuck’s. Just order your meal of choice straight from their menu, but ask for it to go (like we did with pizza when we snapped the photo above). Rhonda’s favorite sunset meal? Crab claws from Oskars or Judy’s with a side salad. If you’re looking for a dine-in option that offers fabulous sunset views too, we recommend Kowaliga Restaurant. Their outdoor dining has spectacular lake views, or you can dine beachside.

Bookmark this blog post and use it as a guide for your own sunset chasing. If you’re looking for your own west facing dock, let us know. We’d love to help you find a Lake Martin home with sunset views of your dreams.

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