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Selling in Today’s Market: Tips, Tricks, & Secrets to Get Ahead of the Curve

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It’s the thick of summer, and the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot; the Lake Martin housing market is giving the soaring temperatures a run for their money. Lake Martin’s home sales are 49% above the Alabama Center for Real Estate’s monthly forecast. At almost 50% above projections, Lake Martin’s housing market is certainly booming. In fact, as of June 28, 2017, there were 52 waterfront properties under contract waiting to close. With the high number of sales in the area and the low number of inventory, Lake Martin’s real estate market has quickly become one for sellers, and that means the time to sell your home is now. How do you get ahead of the curve (and your neighbors) when it comes to selling your home? We’re offering a few of our insider tips, tricks, and secrets to selling your Lake Martin home now while the market is hot.

Set your home apart from others in the area.

That means it’s time for a little bit of decluttering and maintenance starting from the outside in. Give your landscape some updating: refresh your flowerbeds, keep your lawn mowed, and work to get rid of any weeds or other unsightly plants. Next, take care of any touch-ups that might need to be done. It’s amazing what a bucket or two of paint can do for your curb and shoreline appeal. Once you’ve tidied up the outside, divert your attention indoors. Start by decluttering. Clean-out closets and drawers by deciding what you will keep when you move, what you will donate, and what you will trash. In addition to decluttering, we also recommend depersonalizing your space. Take down family photos, so potential buyers can picture their family in the house instead of yours. Store collections that overwhelm a room or are too taste-specific. Make sure your sinks and showers are tidy, too. Buyers might be curious about your favorite hygiene products, but they don’t necessarily need to see them.

Stage your home.

After you’ve cleared out and decluttered, you might consider staging your home. Think about it: when was the last time you caught a home renovation show on television? Nearly every show showcases staged homes. In a way, buyers have come to expect staged homes instead of empty ones. A staging company can stage your home with your items, or bring in their own inventory to stage. Don’t be offended by this process either; a stager is a professional, and you’ve hired them for a reason – to help sell your home!

Understand that marketing is key.

Once your home is listed, your realtor will start the marketing process to get your home exposure and attract potential buyers. For the Lake Martin Team, that means taking professional photos or videos, getting your listing live in our database, linking your home on social media, and basically shouting that your home is for sale from the rooftops.

Be prepared for just about anything.

Make sure your home is ready for inspections by changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, swapping your air filters, keeping service up to date on your HVAC, and having your home routinely checked for termites and other pests. If there other maintenance issues arise before you are ready to sell, address them when the property is listed and make sure your realtor is in the know. This could save you money in negotiations. Beyond maintenence, expect to show your home on short notice, and plan to leave some wiggle room for negotiating offers. Essentially, stay on your toes for a little while. Then rest easy knowing that your realtor has everything under control.

Hire a great real estate agent.

We might be biased, but we think having a great agent is a must. Your agent should provide comparable sales in the area for pricing your home. They should also have a good marketing plan, and be a good communicator and negotiator. Their knowledge and expertise can save you money (and time!) in the end. You will work closely with your agent throughout the process, and you want to be able to trust them. Hire someone that possesses these skills from the get go, and you’re sure to be happy with the results.

As the market continues to heat up, these are just a few of the things you can do to keep your selling cool. Remember if you’re considering selling your home, we’d love to chat with you further about the possibilities. Contact us at any time for even more tips, tricks, and secrets to understanding a seller’s market.

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