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How to Obtain your Lake Martin Dock Permit & Boating License

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With nearly twenty boat ramps, twelve marinas, and some homes featuring their own docks, obtaining the proper permitting is essential to Lake Martin living.With nearly twenty boat ramps, twelve marinas, and many homes featuring their own docks, obtaining the proper permitting is essential to Lake Martin living. If you or anyone in your family over the age of twelve will be operating a boat or other watercraft, you’ll need a license. Just how do you go about making sure you’re covered with everything you need? We’re so glad you asked. Today, we’re walking you through how to obtain your Lake Martin dock permit and boating license. Consider this a go-to guide for making sure you’re prepared, safe, and ready for spring and summer at the lake.

How old do you have to be to apply for a boating license?

First of all, part of what makes Lake Martin living so enjoyable is that it is a wonderful place to raise a family. Kids love living near the water and teenagers who grow-up enjoying the lake are bound to want to explore it on their own one day. When it comes to licensing for a watercraft, the rules are a little different than they are for operating a car. Only residents over the age of twelve can apply for a boating license, and once they pass their exam, they must have a licensed adult 21 years-old or older in the boat with them at all times. This is to ensure that if anything was to go wrong, an adult (with a boating license) would be present to takeover the watercraft. Once a teenager reaches fourteen, they are able to operate a water vehicle on their own without supervision. Something to note: the laws are a little different for non-residents, so make sure you check into those if you have a vacation home on Lake Martin.

What is the basic process for obtaining a boating license?

Residents seeking a boating license can go to their local Department of Public Safety Driver’s License Examining Office. There, you can apply for a license and pay the appropriate fees. As part of the examination, you will have to answer medical questions and successfully complete written/oral exam (or show proof of exemption). Once those tasks are completed, you will take the appropriate forms to your county probate or License Commissioner’s office to have “V” class placed on your driver’s license. Total fees for both the application and the license are $28. It’s as easy as that!

What is the basic process for obtaining a dock permit?

When it comes to dock permitting, things can seem a bit complicated, but in reality, they’re not. If you purchased a home that has a dock, that dock is already permitted as permitting happens during construction. It is important, however, that the permit is transferred after the closing. The process does require a form, but it’s simple. If you are building a new home and plan to build a dock as well, or if you have plans to modify an existing dock, you’ll need to look into Lakeshore Use Permits. There can be a lot of red tape with setbacks, structure, floatation, boat ramps, and much more, so speak with your contractor about ensuring all of your ducks are in a row. Remember, if you have a dock, you must have a dock permit, so it’s essential to do your research. Lake Martin contractors specialize in this sort of construction, and they will be your go-to experts.

Have any other questions about essentials for Lake Martin living? We’re happy to help answer them! Afterall, it’s more than just a lake; it’s a lifestyle. Contact us for more information now.


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    Are you saying that in order to get the V on your driver’s license you must go to two different offices?

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