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F-35 Makes Montgomery Home: What does it mean for Lake Martin?

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You might have heard in recent local news reports about something exciting landing in Montgomery. A large, winged, technologically advanced something. That’s right – beginning in 2023, Montgomery’s 187th Fighter Wing will be home to the the new F-35 Lightning II jets. As the newest, most technologically advanced fighters in the nation’s military arsenal, the jets will replace retiring aircrafts. This news has put the 187th, Montgomery, and even the state of Alabama in a great position for the future, and we’ll be seeing good impacts for our beautiful Lake Martin, too. Just what can you expect to take shape? We’re uncovering that today!

One of the most beneficial things about the F-35s coming to Montgomery is that with them, they’ll bring over 1,000 jobs. Of course, those jobs will start becoming available long before the aircrafts arrive, and we can expect to see changes within the next few years. With new jobs, comes new neighbors moving to our area. As we know, Lake Martin has seen a housing boom in recent years, and we can only expect that to continue as the F-35 program gets underway.

In addition to bringing new jobs to the surrounding Montgomery area, the program will also have a huge economic impact on our region. Prior to the jets’ arrival $70 million will be invested upfront. Local and state contractors will be able to bid on those funds for their projects. Additionally, the program will provide $24 million per year as the unit’s direct economic impact on the area. This money will be poured into the region’s commerce and real estate, among other areas.

Finally, Lake Martin can expect to experience not only growth from those looking to purchase homes in the area, but those looking to enjoy all that the lake has to offer. That means more people in close proximity to our lake to enjoy water sports, fishing, boating, swimming, shopping, dining, exploring, and just plain old visiting. We are so excited to welcome those who are a part of the F-35 program to Lake Martin’s waters and surrounding communities.

If you are moving to the Montgomery area as a part of the F-35 program, welcome! We’re so excited to have you in our state. Contact us about available listings to make Lake Martin your easy-access to Montgomery home. We’d love to be your neighbor.

F-35 (Photo: David Daris/Lockheed Martin)

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